Wishlist from Dresslink.com

You know you've had a pretty good day when you come across an online shopping site which makes you go bonkers and buy loads of stuffs.
I got to know about this website : Dresslink.com from a friend, and it left me drooling over its products.

They have these really cool apparel for almost all the occasions.
Be it a cool crop top for a laid back look,
Or a dress for a Sunday brunch with your ladies.
They have it all; and like any other girl, I already have a wish list :D

1. New V-Neck Batwing Dolman - Letter Prints - Tops

This one gives the perfect summer look,
Like back to college with a bang look!
Pairing with a cool neckpiece makes it even more better!

View/Buy : V-Neck Batwing Dolman Top
2. Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt - Long Sleeve - Crew Neck

My sister has been crushing over this top ever since she saw a girl wearing it, over social media.
So, this comes into my wishlist, as a present for her

View/Buy : Women's Heart Pattern T-Shirt 

3. New Fashion Lady Women's Fashion Lace And Chiffon Blouse - Sleeveless

This one is really classy, laced up with a sexy back and a bow!
I love the way it is styled!

 View/Buy : New Fashion Lady Women's Lace & Chiffon Blouse

4. New Fashion Sexy Lady Women's Sleeveless - O-neck Latter Print - Crop Top

I love cut on the neck, I love the text.

View/Buy : New Fashion Lady Women's Crop Top

5. Women's Candy Color Basic - Jacket Blazer

I have a thing for Summer Jackets and Blazer.
They help enhance the basic clothing for a more classy look!
Thus, I couldn't resist this one!

Vibrant Colors!

View/Buy : Women's Candy Basic Jacket Blazer

These were the top things in my wishlist.
I am so excited to shop from Dresslink .
Go clicking and shop a trendy look for yourself too.


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